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Taking their name from the countless sea caves that characterize them, Koufonisia, literally meaning hollow islands, are one of the most renowned destinations among Greeks for their incredible beauty. Although the name “Koufonisia” is often used for the entire Small Cyclades island group, it mostly refers to the two main islands: Pano Koufonisi and Kato Koufonisi.
Kato Koufonisi, although uninhibited, it is a great excursion for visitors of Pano Koufonisi, who can access it by a small boat which goes back and forth a few times every day. Kato Koufonisi has one main attraction: the beautiful church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) which is famous for the fact that it was built on top of ancient ruins.
Although larger only by a fraction from its neighbor, Pano Koufonisi is inhibited and the only one to offer accommodation. The architecture of the island is the traditional Cycladic architecture, characterized by the bright white walls and blue windows, which make the islands streets and port city (Finikas) incredibly picturesque. The church of Saint George (the protector of the island) in Pano Koufonisi is one of the main attractions of the island, and holds a large festival every year on April 23rd. During this celebration there is a procession of the Saint’s icon around the rose-petal-covered sea-side road. Other attractions of the island include Saint Nikolas church and Milos, a mill which is now turned into a gorgeous little bar.
However, what makes Koufonisia so special is the incredible beauty of their waters and the relaxation that they offer. With the plethora of mesmerizing sandy beaches, bewitching caves and above all crystal clear turquoise waters, a visit to Koufonisia will never fail to excite even the most demanding.
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